A Different kind of Holiday

Awaken to the sound of a cock crowing, or a donkey braying, take your breakfast in the shade of a vine with the smell of jasmine or wild thyme in the air, go for a long walk in the pine-scented forest, watch how the local bread and ‘halloumi’ cheese are made and experience rural living at first hand.  And when the sun goes down, just lie back and enjoy Cyprus’ magical evenings gazing at one of the starriest skies you will ever see, lulled by the gentle sounds of the night crickets.

With Salamis Tours, you’re in for a treat!  Try everything by ordering ‘mezedes’ and quench your thirst after a hot summer’s day with one of the local beers or wines.

More than just for summer, Cyprus is perfect any time of the year.  Blessed with an abundance of sunshine and warm year-round temperatures, it is a great place to enjoy winter sun, to avoid crowds in the autumn and to marvel at nature’s springtime tapestry of colour.

At Salamis Tours, we have something for everyone.  Play a round of golf or hiking round the countryside.  Enjoy wonderful bike tours on off-road trails through breathtaking mountainous landscapes, or savour the island’s countryside filled with vineyards and olive trees.

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