Archeological sites


Archeological sites

Cyprus lay at the vital center of the maritime trade routes between the Near East, Egypt, and the Aegean. The languages, cultures, technologies, and religions of the ancient world collided and blended on this unique island. As a result, there is a wonderfully informative web of archeological finds and small museums that are unique to the history of human enterprise.  Come explore Cyprus - the hub of the ancient world.


Much of the modern city of Larnaca has been built over the ancient city of Kition that dates back to the Bronze Age. These remains have been ...


Chirokoitia was first excavated in 1934 – 1946.  By the end of the 1970’s, French excavations started  by the Centre National ...


The Kalavasos-Tenta Archaeological Site (also known simply as the Tenta Settlement) is located near Kalavasos Village in the Larnaca district.  ...


The ruins of this ancient city kingdom, found a few miles to the east of Limassol, date back at least three thousand years. The city itself took its ...


By legend, this city was associated with Argos of Peloponnese. Its inhabitants believed they were the decendants of Argean migrants who founded ...

Toms Of the King

On the outskirts of Paphos can be found the famous 'Tombs of the Kings', a necropolis intricately carved from the bedrock. The Tombs of ...

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